Kids just naturally love kittens. They are soft, cuddly and fun! If you decide to bring a kitty home, you might want to explain to your kids how to be a good pal for their new friend.

Gentle is the key word. Pulling tails or playing rough is a no-no. Pet very gently, and talk very quietly. Sudden loud noises will frighten a little kitty. 

Because they are babies, they need lots of sleep and quiet times. Too much play will wear them out, and carrying them around a lot can be stressful. Sometimes when they are playing they will suddenly flop on the floor and go to sleep. That's a good time to leave them undisturbed until they're ready to wake up and play again.

DO YOU PLAY WITH YOUR kitty? You love to cuddle with your kitty. It's so warm and special. So why should you play with him? Besides being fun for you and your cat, there are important reasons why it's a good idea, especially if your furry friend is an indoor cat. A cat can get bored if confined, and can easily become overweight without having exercise. It can lead to unpleasant behavior problems. And besides, playing together can form a special bond between the two of you. There are simple little games you can play that can fit into a busy schedule. When you throw a toy, your cat will catch it and sometimes will bring it back for you to do it again. Crumpled paper is a favorite with many cats – they love the sound, and will bat it around, chase it and wrestle with it. Your cat will jump to catch a stick with a string and bell or feather attached. Cats just love paper bags – lay one on its side, and then when your cat is playing inside, scratch the outside and your cat will bat it. Cats love to pounce, and a way to play with yours is to wiggle a finger under a sheet or blanket. There are many toys designed for interaction between them and their human. Even ten minutes a day will make your cat happier and healthier, and your friendship stronger and deeper!

This little kitty looks a little feisty and it almost looks like he's practicing his snarl. Maybe it's because he's protesting against the stories about white cats. Many people believe that all white cats will become deaf. Someone believed that and abandoned this adorable kitten. My sister rescued it and gave it a loving home. The fact is that some cats with blue eyes will become deaf, but it's not a sure thing.

Casper is a popular name for all-white kittens. Can you guess why?

Have you ever wondered why your kitty perches in the highest spot in your house? They’re just doing what comes naturally. When they are outdoors they can keep an eye out for predators and have a better view for catching a meal. They don't lose that instinct, and it comes in handy when they want to get out of reach of a feisty dog or something else that frightens them. It also allows them to find a quiet place when they want to be alone. This little kitty found his place on top of the sofa!